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Will going through WanYuan Trade will increase my cost?2023-05-15T08:21:04+00:00

No, it will not. Producers sell products as per market price, referring to established market indexes. We were an extended marketing arm of producers. Our cost is covered under the marketing and distribution cost of the producer. Our suppliers fully control our end price for all our customers.

Will the information I share with WanYuan Trade be disclosed to my competitors?2023-05-15T08:21:52+00:00

No, we do not disclose customer information. We’re a company standing on strong foundations of trust and ethics. All the conversations we have, regardless of ending in a sale, will remain confidential.

I prefer working with a producer to gain access to their technical expertise. Will going through WanYuan Trade impose restrictions?2023-05-15T08:23:21+00:00

You will always have full access to our producers. Our business model was built, keeping absolute transparency at the core. Our dedicated, extended technical team will be fully accessible to you, and all development discussions you have with them will be kept confidential.

As a large-sized company looking to place a massive order, it’s in my best interest to directly deal with the producer. Why would I want to choose WanYuan Trade as a middle entity?2023-05-15T08:24:18+00:00

Considering all producers have a large scale of operations, it’ll be difficult for them to give you the required attention or fully understand your needs and demands. We bridge this gap by ensuring smooth hassle-free operations at either end. We can accomplish this because of the strong relationships we’ve fostered with all our producers. All at no additional cost to you!

Does WanYuan Trade bring customers any cost advantage?2023-05-15T08:25:20+00:00

With a large scale of businesses spread across sectors, producers find it challenging to pay the same amount of attention to every customer. This is where we come in. We streamline the entire process, from ideation to execution, by diving deep into your requirements, saving you lots of time and money. We give a cost advantage with added services of expertise from our end, all this at no additional cost to you.